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Dr. Wilhelm began her medical career with ClubSport Oregon, where she quickly earned a strong reputation for nutrition, weight loss, dietary supplements, and public speaking, while at the same time establishing herself as a respected force for growing corporate revenue.

After transitioning to her full-time private practice, she was often able to outperform the expectations of her patients and was respected for her ability to quickly see and resolve their underlying issues; her unique approach and explanations were always greatly valued by each of her patients.

During this time, Dr. Wilhelm was recruited to become a medical industry consultant and she ultimately transitioned away from her traditional primary care clinic to focus on helping many more people than she ever could in a private practice setting.

During this time as the youngest medical director in north America with Professional Formulas, Dr. Wilhelm became widely known for her expertise in developing customized content strategies, building brand equity, and developing strategic opportunities. While no longer consulting for Professional Formulas, their employees and customers continue to contact Dr. Wilhelm with positive feedback for her many contributions to the company.

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Dr. Wilhelm has been featured as an expert next to some of the most respected physicians of today.

There's a growing trend in medicine these days, and it's the personalized approach of holistic medicine - providing unique solutions for each and every patient with a special focus on building health through diet and lifestyle choices.

Shopping for supplements can be time consuming and confusing, and it's easy to fall for the sneaky marketing gimmicks so many companies use. So what are my top two quick tips? #1: Food is the first medicine - supplements should come second. #2: Select product purity over price every chance you get. For more quick tips on supplements, visit the blog.

Practicing medicine is becoming increasingly complex. As the world becomes ever more polluted, patients and practitioners alike are looking for clear solutions to safely but effectively detoxify their bodies. Featured as a leading expert of environmental medicine, Dr. Wilhelm highlights insightful clinical strategies for practitioners who are interested in detoxing and cleansing their patients. Read the article here.

If you're like most people, you've probably complained to your doctor about feeling fatigued. But some of us have fatigue that goes on and on, and the only real option we're offered is an antidepressant pharmaceutical. Dr. Wilhelm's clinical work on identifying mold allergies and infections was featured in print to help First for Women's millions of readers find better solutions to these hidden problems. If chronic fatigue has been lingering far too long and your primary care provider is stumped about what to do, you should definitely consider a dietary change.

Let's be honest - most people don't drink half their weight (in pounds) in ounces of water everyday. On top of that, what we do drink is laden with real and fake sugars and chemicals we can't even pronounce. Dr. Wilhelm is the featured *next to Dr. Oz* expert for Medical Daily's article on losing weight simply by increasing pure water consumption. Read the article here.

Ever struggled with the infamous eyelid twitch? Dr. Wilhelm is interviewed in Shape Magazine online, next to leading dermatologists, discussing how stress, dehydration, and mineral deficiencies cause the vast majority of unwanted facial twitching. Most of us are woefully depleted in essential minerals such as magnesium and potassium just from living our modern lifestyles. An Italian study of young schoolgirls shows that even our children are depleted from the stressors of everyday life. Read the article here.

Make exercise quick and easy by keeping a kettlebell in the kitchen. It may sound crazy, but there's always a little downtime while cooking and those few minutes of powering kettlebells around can make a big difference in your muscle tone and metabolism. See more ideas here.