The Secret To Naturally Boosting Your Immune System Overnight: Wet Socks

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Now, before you just turn around and walk away from what may sound like a crazy idea, I want you to hear me out, here.

And let me start by asking you a question: what if there was a simple and easy way you could naturally boost your immune system overnight? And what if you already had all the ingredients for this secret strategy right at your fingertips, with no need to go buy anything at all?

Wouldn’t you want to know what that simple strategy is and how to implement it today to boost your immune system, especially if it doesn’t include any weird nasal flushing or gargling of questionable ingredients?

I sure would. And I’ll be 100% honest with you. I knew about this secret strategy for YEARS before I ever tried it. And when I finally did… well… I was sold. There’s no looking back and I can’t believe it took me so long to get onboard with it all.

So just what am I talking about doing? Well, I basically want you to put on cold wet socks right before going to bed. And I know what you’re thinking, “Way to sell it, Dr. Wilhelm.”

But here’s the thing: I know how unappealing that sounds. That’s why it took me years to try this out. But the very first time I did, I was sold. I slept deeper and woke better rested, feeling more refreshed with more energy than I had in what seemed like forever.

And the whole reason I finally tried it was because I was in medical school at the time and I’ve got a 100% commitment to only asking my patients to do the things I’m willing to do myself. So if I was seriously going to ask people to put on wet socks right before bed, then I had better be willing to do it myself.

And I’ll never look back. That’s how amazing this simple strategy is.

But, like most things, there is a right and wrong way of doing this. So you have to make sure you’re doing it correctly. And here’s how:

  1. Take 1 pair of thin cotton socks, think dress socks or thin athletic socks,
  2. Get them wet with cold water,
  3. Wring them out really, really well (you want them damp - not dripping),
  4. Put those on your feet,
  5. Immediately cover them with the warmest, thickest, wooliest dry socks you have,
  6. And jump into bed.

This type of application may seem counterintuitive, but it actually warms the body overnight. The wet socks are insulated by the dry wool socks, which, together, provide the necessary conditions to boost your immune system and conveniently keep your bed (or bed partner) from being affected. So there’s no wet bedding or cold feet to worry about. Long before you wake up in the morning, your body heat will have dried the wet socks completely and you’ll already be benefiting on a biochemical level.

And the net effect of utilizing the secret “wet sock” strategy is that your body pumps out extra white blood cells, immediately boosting your immune system status with extra fighting capacity.

It’s basically like calling in the cavalry, or the reserves. These extra white blood cells immediately start hunting down foreign viruses and bacteria in the body.

So if you’re already infected, you’ll be able to get over it and get well faster than you would have otherwise. And if you haven’t caught anything yet, you’ll be better able to defend yourself from getting sick in the first place.

Now, the added benefit, that you’ve already heard me rave about, is how much better you’ll sleep. And that’s because this natural boost to your immune system also restores your sympathetic tone – meaning it balances your “fight-and-flight” nervous system with you “rest-and-digest” nervous system.

Most of us spend way too much time stressing over everything, and not enough time unplugging and relaxing. So this strategy actually signals to the brain to unplug and relax, hence the deeper sleep and waking better refreshed.

So if you’re looking for a natural and effective way to immediately boost your immune system to fend off cold and flu season, here’s a great strategy you can implement tonight.

PS - You can thank me tomorrow morning :)

*If you have an autoimmune condition, this may not be the best therapy for you. Please consult your physician before trying anything new.

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