How to Supplement for Stress

Stress affects the body in four key ways, and strategically selected supplements are paramount to conquering it quickly. Together, these physician-quality formulas are designed to bring tangible results, emotional relief, balance to stress hormones, and restoration of damaged cells while supporting cognition and mood.

Studies show mineral status enhances our ability to cope with stress. Key minerals include magnesium and potassium, which are soothing when under stress. CalmWithin Mineral Balance provides all the naturally occurring and absorbable forms of these minerals in an effervescent raspberry lemonade powder that is added to water.

NeuroLipid™ Recovery Complex uses specialized phospholipids that play several unique stress recovery roles. NeuroLipids™ deliver minerals (think CalmWithin Mineral Powder) inside the cell and support brain function and mood. They also signal for repair work in those cells damaged by stress. NeuroLipids™ play a crucial role in being able to correct stress-induced abnormal cortisol secretion, ending the cycle of chronic stress and middle body spread, or weight gain.

Once NeuroLipids™ stabilize stress hormones and signal for help, CoQ10 is able to showcase its ability to repair cellular damage and enhance energy production. Most CoQ10 available is 0-10% absorbable, but MitoChondrial CoQ10 Concentrate offers 100% absorbable CoQ10 to make recovery from stress that much quicker.

Emotional support is a crucial component of stress support, and the omega-3 fatty acids found in small marine fish are ideal sources of EPA & DHA due to their lower levels of environmental pollution. While both fatty acids support mood and brain function while helping us cope with stress, they are purified and combined with high potency vitamins D3 & K2 for added immune support and bone health.

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