Hey there,

A couple days ago I sent out an email asking for your top questions on this topic and I was completely overwhelmed by the response so I thought I would shoot a quick video to teach you a little more about how I approach nutrition and metabolism in order to maximize metabolism.

I think there are fundamentally 3 focus areas that have to be in place to see lasting results. Call it the, "What, When, and How," of nutritional medicine - and think of it like a 3-legged stool.

  • What you eat,
  • When you eat it, and
  • How are you in relationship with food. That might sound funny at first, but this is the mindset stuff - like the voice in your head that makes you feel guilty every time you look at ice cream or eat too many cookies.

On the surface, these look like basic concepts, "Make healthy choices, think healthy thoughts, blah, blah..." But there's actually way more to it than that.

Here's my favorite example: just because broccoli is considered a power food, doesn't mean it's a power food for you. Stop and think about it for a moment - there's some food out there everyone says is healthy but it totally doesn't work for you. So a lot of you know this intuitively, not all healthy foods are healthy for you, even though most nutrition and weight loss gurus never even go near this concept.

My guess is, that their training never went that deep into the biochemistry of food and how the foods we eat interact with our immune system. But with my specialized training as a naturopathic physician, it's actually one of my areas of expertise.

So when I work with my patients on-one-on, I'm able to hone in on their individual biochemical patterns really fast, which means I can make very specific recommendations that get results fast.

Here's the overview of my approach - it's what I call a "Metabolic Makeover:"

  • Over the course of 5 weeks, we start at the beginning of the day and slowly make small changes that bring big results and build momentum each week.
    • Week 1: Breakfast. Even if your mornings are crazy busy, you have no interest in getting out of bed, or your appetite is naturally low, I'll show you how easy it is to power start your metabolism. Implement these easy to follow techniques and you'll be set up to start your day by burning your calories instead of storing them.
    • Week 2: Lunch. Learn how to navigate common midday mistakes whether you're eating at work, out with friends, at home, or on the run. Forget counting calories on menus and kiss that afternoon fatigue goodbye.
    • Week 3: Dinner. It can get complicated when more people are involved, but you already knew that. So I'll show you how to cut the complication and craft dinner menus that work for everyone at the table. I'll show you which key foods to focus on for everyone's health. And how to leverage dinner for even more impact.
    • Week 4: Snacks. We all need them, but they're usually loaded with sugar. So we'll talk about how to transform your snack drawer and plan snack packs to-go. Kid-friendly and pinterest-worthy options included.
    • Week 5: Beverages. Don't worry. You don't have to go caffeine free. But I do have more than a few tips and tricks up my sleeve to help you select the right beverages for the right moments so you can naturally balance your stress hormones.
  • Throughout the program I'll teach you:
    • How to identify which foods are scientifically proven to be the healthiest for you.
    • Exactly when to eat those foods for maximum benefit.
    • How to Ph balance your meals for optimum digestion.
    • Easy ways to increase your water intake.
    • How to add in simple exercises while you're in the kitchen.
    • Simple substitutions for healthier options and those with food sensitivities.
    • And how to use nutrition to naturally balance your stress hormones. (Yes, it's possible).

Nutrition and metabolism are really powerful topics. And they're not just for people who want to lose weight. Because food is really the first medicine, this topic is also really important for anyone already dealing with a medical condition, and it's perfect for you if you're interested in building the healthiest version of you possible - one step at a time.

As most of you know, I just love nutrition - it's a very dynamic topic and needs to be individually tailored to each patient's unique needs. And nutritional medicine has been the foundation of my practice for nearly 10 years. Lately, I've gotten so many questions about how to improve metabolism, and I've gotten so much positive feedback, that I've decided to do a special "deep-dive" training on nutrition.

Most of the people who "do nutrition" focus on calories - and there's a fundamental flaw in that approach. You MUST also pay attention to where those calories are coming from. 

So this training is going to be specifically on how to maximize your metabolism using my "metabolic makeover" method. It's scientifically proven, and I've had a lot of clinical success over the years. We're going to do 5 live calls and we'll cover everything I listed above. It's going to be coming out very, very soon. But there's going to be a limited number of spots because I want to make sure we have a highly interactive small-group environment and everyone will get an opportunity to interact with me directly.

Click this link if you're interested in being on the contact list. It will take you to the website where you enter your email address to get on the waitlist. If you go ahead and enter your email on that form right now, I'll send you an email in a few days when I open up registration for Maximize Your Metabolism.