Custom Supplement Package

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Custom Supplement Package


Do you struggle to know exactly which supplements you should be taking?

Take the guess work completely out of the equation and consolidate your multiple bottles into 1 customized formula based on your unique biochemical puzzle pieces.

The Custom Supplement Package includes:

  • An easy at-home urine-based lab collection kit

  • A 7-page report identifying your unique biochemical deficiencies

  • A uniquely customized action plan that includes a video review of your results by Dr. Wilhelm with a curated treatment plan

*This service does not diagnose disease but can be used to help give insight into the causes of disease by utilizing organic acid testing as a way to measure whether your body is getting and using nutrients to drive optimal health. Also measured are markers that assess intestinal health, neurotransmitter activity, and detoxification demands.

Accumulation of specific organic acids in urine often signals a metabolic inhibition or block. This abnormality may be due to a nutrient deficiency, an inherited enzyme deficit, toxic build-up, or drug effect.

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